Wedding Trends: Top Styles of 2018

With spring upon us, you can pretty much guarantee that wedding season is about to kick in, right along with full on wedding planning. If you are engaged to be married, you are probably in the process of trying to come up with a theme and making sure your wedding is on trend this season. If so, we think we can provide you with a little insight on what's in for this season.

The Classics

If you're a classic girl like me, you tend to go for the tried and true. Things that have delivered time & time again. More than likely, you are planning a traditional wedding, using classic & timeless styling from the dress to the table settings. You know what you want, what works for you & you're sticking to it!

A Modern Affair

If you have a more daring personality and matching style, you will want to know what's new & fresh for 2018 and how you can incorporate that into your special day. Lucky for you, there are ton of new ideas for you to choose from, such as marble dance floors and potted plants to line the aisle of an outdoor affair. So let's jump right into it & see what's new:

  • Destination Weddings That Incorporate Local Traditions

If you are planning to fly across the world to celebrate your union, you may want to find a way to incorporate the local traditions in either the ceremony or the reception. This can elevate your wedding into an unique experience & a lifetime memory for all your loved ones whom traveled far to see you down the aisle.

  • Translucent Mediums

Classic mid-century design is about to have a big moment in 2018. Couples that are into clean lines, décor and architecture as going for the translucent mediums. Thus, you'll see a lot of glass, clear tents and lucite furnishings. These types of details will be common throughout this wedding season.

  • Marbled Dance Floors

For those couples that tend to go for the fancier décor & trends, a marble dance floor will be right up their aisle literally! This luxurious option will look just lovely via aerial views captured on drone photography. When money is not a consideration, why not?

Well there you have it, a few of the top trends couples will incorporate for their special days, sure to leave lasting memories for all. What other trends are you hoping to see in 2018?

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