Wedding Planning: Summer How To Guide

June has come & summer is finally here! It's the most popular month of the year to hold a wedding. Many couples dream of having an outdoor ceremony and this month presents the lowest risk of inclement weather in addition to the children being out of school. It's the perfect time to travel. So why wouldn't couples choose this time as the date to plan their version of THE wedding of the year? Here's a few tips to consider to incorporate when planning outdoor festivities.

Guest Comfort

While the risk of inclement weather is lower, the sun is likely to be shinning and bringing the heat with it. Incorporating shaded tent areas into the reception will go a long way to keep your guests comfortable by giving them a place to escape the heat. You can also time your ceremony and reception in such a way that the sun will just be going down at the start of the reception. Think of all the golden hour photos that can be captured. That's a two-for-one option.


When deciding on what to serve, couples should lean towards dishes that are light & refreshing. Steering clear of heavy meals will avoid guest from becoming tired and sluggish, seeking to escape the party early and retire to their hotel accommodations or homes.

Wedding Party Attire

It would be such a drag to plan a wonderful wedding day, where everyone should be festive and celebratory, only to find the entire wedding party is irritable and uncomfortable because their clothes are overheating them. Choosing light airy fabrics will ensure your closest friends and family still love you after your big day! This way everyone will remain cool and your wedding photos will be gorgeous as a result.

Smart Wedding Favors

Personal fans branded with your new marital name or wedding hashtag will go over perfectly for guests of your wedding. These functional wedding favors will definitely not go underutilized or left sprawled on the ground at the end of the night.

Cool Dessert Stations

These days couples are opting for non-traditional desserts. No longer do they want the standard five layer wedding cake. An ice cream cart would be modern and sure to be a hit with the guests who want a sweet way to cool off.

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