Post-Wedding Day: The Blues

Gasp! Who wants the post-wedding blues? No one that's who.

While getting married is one of life's most exciting moments, it can also be one of the most stressful. Couples want to ensure everything goes smoothly and that everyone has a good time. The goal is for everyone to leave with good memories of good food and dancing the night away. Unfortunately for some, it doesn't always turn out that way. Why can't it all be just so simple? Many a bride has experienced some level of post-wedding day blues that can be avoided with with a little thought & advance preparation.

Rushing Through The Engagement Season

Once you start down the path of planning a full on wedding, the tasks can become all consuming. It seems there's always something else to do. In an effort to not lose sight of why they are walking this path, couples would do well the purposely make time to check in with each other and enjoy each other's company without any talk of wedding planning. Couple who do not, often regret feeling like they rushed through the season without relishing the moment.

Not Putting Enough Into It

Not every bride or groom has been dreaming of their wedding day since they were a child, and as expected they have taken a very laissez-faire type of approach, letting others take the lead in a number of areas. While their weddings may have gone over smoothly, when looking back on the overall experience, some have expressed regret with not having the memories that it may could have been.

Overlooking the weather

Having your wedding rained out isn't the only reason the keep a close eye on mother nature. The weather can have an effect on attire and even hairstyles, even if the sky never drops a speck of rain. Just as any bride would want, memorable wedding photos are the goal ... just not memorable for all the wrong reasons, like big hair courtesy of all the summer humidity. Delaying some decisions until the last possible minute, such as hair style might be a good idea, where feasible.

Forgoing A Videographer

Some couples feel that if they have already secured a professional photographer, they can forgo a professional videographer. The sentiment they have is that everything will be captured in the photos. Thus, having an additional vendor is not necessary. These two services serve two different purposes. Oftentimes couples learn all too late that these are not the most ideal budget areas to cut funds. Once everything is all said and done, and everyone has traveled back home, the couple will only have the photos and videos left. Videography can convey the mood and experience in a way that still photos can not. If feasible, couples should try accommodate both photography and videography in the wedding budget and make modifications elsewhere.

Overall, a couple's wedding day can be all that they have ever wanted, with a little proactive planning. Use these tips to keep you on track and have your bases covered to ensure you have plenty of good stories to share with your grandchildren.

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